Working on an aluminium casting that was designed for the facade of a prominent  North East building
Discussing the finer points of polishing Frosterley marble with local students whilst Working on Wave Form - a commission for Frosterly Town Hall .
At art school I gravitated towards sculpture, solid forms made from natural materials.  I was attracted by the un -yielding resistance and permanence of stone in particular.
As an artist my imagination is fuelled by the cyclic nature of life.
I was born in Middlesbrough  town and currently I am living on a farm house near Lockwood beck East Cleveland. Prior to this I lived and worked in the
valley of Weardale, where I still have a work
space in the local  limestone quarry. This has
allowed me access to an abundance of local
stone – a hard black limestone that varies in
colour and density.
Also available, but more rare, is the commonly
known Frosterley Marble, a 325 million year old carboniferous fossil.  Frosterley marble is synonymous with Durham Cathedral and has been used to adorn the fonts of churches and the centre-pieces of many stately homes throughout the Britain.  
Viewed through many forms of expression, my work has  included three-dimensional freestanding sculpture in stone, wood,  steel, bronze and aluminium, also lens-based works and installation involving sound and the moving image.
Animating the neighbourhood with a video projection.  This moving image was produced by  low frequency vibrations from an ancient aboriginal instrument the didgeridoo . Part of a collaborative Sci/Art exhibition Cosmic Symphony  
Albert Einstein said: “There is much light yet to be shed on the workings of Nature, and you are invited to contribute your insight to illuminate those forces which go unseen by human eyes.”
The Artist
 Formulating government policy (grants to the arts) with local MP